About Us


While living in the area of St. Maries, Idaho in the early 1960’s, Bud Poxleitner started his working life at Charlie’s Saw Shop, where he gained much experience and know-how. At the time, he didn’t realize how valuable that knowledge would become in his future. After Charlie’s, Bud worked as a log saw man where the money was better, but the dangers for injury could change a man's life. It changed Bud’s in an instant. He was hit by a snag, which paralyzed him for life and left him with a decision to make – which led Bud home to Cottonwood, Idaho!

In Cottonwood, right on Main Street, Bud’s brother Errol worked in a service station and then began hauling logs. By 1970, the service station had closed but the demise of one business opened the doors for another to move into the location -- Bud’s Saw Service was born in this leased space! After his first year in business, Bud added Scorpion Snowmobiles to his Saw Service product line and, in 1981, Scorpion Snowmobiles was bought out by Arctic Cat. In 1985, Bud added Polaris ATV’s to the product line.

In 1989 Bud’s brother Errol Poxleitner took over the business. In 1996 Errol hired Todd Stenzel in the role as mechanic and then salesman for the snowmobile and ATV lines, while Errol continued to focus on saw service. Bud’s was a busy place on Main Street in Cottonwood!

In 2010 John and Koleen Law of Grangeville, were looking to buy a powersports business and happened to talk with Errol one day. It turned out to be great timing for all of them, as Errol was looking for a less demanding schedule, after his more than 20 years in managing the business – and the deal was closed!

In 2013 the Laws purchased land facing the major north/south highway (95), a mile south of Cottonwood’s Main Street. Bud’s Saw Service had become space-constrained in its leased location and more room was needed in order to add Polaris and Ski-Doo snowmobiles and Can-Am ATV/UTV products to the product line. John designed and built the new facility, and the grand opening of Bud’s PowerSports in its new, wholly-owned location was held in July of 2014!

Bud’s PowerSports has grown tremendously in its new location. Both Errol and Todd stayed with Bud’s through the transition years and additional skilled staff members have joined, selling and maintaining machines, helping customers from Idaho, Montana, Washington, Oregon and even as far as Alaska to enjoy the pleasures and productive uses of their machines and equipment.

John and Koleen Law and the extended family of Bud’s employees are enthusiastic users of Bud’s products and are committed to the business and this area, moving forward into the future. Bud’s is a main-stay in Cottonwood, Idaho, here to help all customers, including local farmers, ranchers, loggers, hunters, forest service staff, fish & game staff, law enforcement staff, outdoor sports enthusiasts and other consumers of these products!